Broward Junior Academy

School Fees
                                                     YEAR 2009-2010
                                    TYPICAL PAYMENT SCHEDULES
10 Monthly Payments
One Semester Payment
Full Year Payment
$370.00 each
A $20.00 application fee is required from all new applicants.
Tuition is the same for all students in grades K through Eight.
Every year all parents must sign a financial commitment form.
Except for August, all fees are due on the first day of the month. After the 10th of the month, a $20.00 late payment fee will be charged unless special arrangements are made in writing prior to the beginning of the month.
On the basis of needs or on the basis of subsidies received from their organizations, students may be entitled to some tuition reduction. All paper work must be on file before the school can determine what type or what level of reduction a student will receive. One reduction type excludes all others.
Sorry, BJA no longer makes provisions for a multi-student family discount.
In case a student is the beneficiary of a scholarship or participates in any type of subsidized tuition program, all required paper work must be on file before the first day of attendance. Otherwise, all fees must be paid in full until the paperwork is submitted. At such time, arrangements will be made for a reimbursement.
All fees must be paid and all balances cleared before a student is allowed to take the first and second semester finals.