Broward Junior Academy

Letter to Parents
Dear Parents and Friends of BJA:
     The way our society is going indicates that our youth needs the kind of education that will get them in touch with Christ more than anything else. BJA aims to provide such an education. The mission of BJA is to provide a 7th day Adventist education for the youth of South Florida in an environment in which they may develop, intellectually, physically, socially, and mostly spiritually. Those of  us who work here intend this school to be a "city of refuge"' in which our students may find safety in Jesus Christ. We aim to integrate biblical truths in every subject matter in order to provide our youth "a mighty barricade against temptation."
     Professional development for our staff continues as a key focus.  The staff continues its involved with the Study Group program of the South Easterns Conference Office of Education, and specifically in its efforts to implement the standards of the Adventist Edge program for educational excellence which is a part of the overall thrust of the Southern Union Conference Office of Education. We are using the days reserved in the calendar for professional improvement to study the topic of how to best meet the needs of our diverse student population.
    Since the spiritual aspect is always the most important thing for any Adventist institution, we have decided for this year to continue to work hand in hand with the pastors and their churches. Bible Conference, Missionary Trip, and Music Fest also continues to be part of what we do at BJA.
One of the goals of this Administration is more frequent communication and meetings with parents. We covet input from parents as we seek to make BJA the school that God wants it to be. This year the atmosphere in the school needs to be one in which our young people will sense that we are serious about them being the best that they can be.

We appreciate the privilege of serving your children. We solicit your cooperation and your prayers as we seek to carry out our sacred responsibility.


Mr. George Aristide